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Dix Hills SC CPR Class Recap!

By Dix Hills SC, 04/05/22, 2:15PM EDT


Dix Hills SC CPR Class Recap!

We recently had our annual CPR AED recertification class for Dix Hills SC volunteers and Exclusivesoccertraining1 coaches! Our goal is to make the fields that our members play on a safer place for everyone. Thank you to everyone for investing your time for their safety.

The class was held at All Sportz Melville thank you for donating the room

The class was provided by Dr. Christopher S. Byron of NICE (Nationwide Instruction For Cardiovascular Education)

The Benefits of CPR Training

It Saves Lives.

The number one cause of death for children ages 4 and under is drowning. CPR certification for parents and childcare providers is necessary to decrease loss of life. Drowning is preventable by following the safer3: safer water, safer kids, safer response.

CPR Can Prevent Brain Death

Between four and six minutes after the heart stops beating, brain death occurs. CPR helps keep blood flowing and provides oxygen to the brain and other important organs. It gives the victim a better chance of a full recovery.

Reduces Recovery Time of Patients

Chances of survival double if CPR is administered within the first two minutes of cardiac arrest. It means the victim will make it to the hospital in time. The longer the patient suffers from the condition, the bigger the toll it takes on their body.

Therefore, if you administer CPR seconds after the cardiac arrest, the body will suffer less and can resume normalcy in a short time. Additionally, since the heart and body suffer less, the chances of recurring cardiac arrest are minimal.